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First Road Trip with a Baby

My Son is a curious child, and I let him explore as much as possible. Every time we are outside, he has to touch a tree as we walk by. He's enthralled by the world as we walk along, never a peep of upset. It's wonderful, and I hope it continues as he grows older. Now that he's finally 6 months, we will be outside a lot more (because now he can wear sunscreen)!

But, this particular blog is about his first road trip. It was a few months ago now, and we decided to go visit Daddy in Colorado for the weekend.

We went to work all day, went home, and ate before heading out. The car was pretty much already packed since I knew we'd be leaving. My sister was going to come over and take care of the pets while we were away, nothing was holding us back.

I assumed since we were at work all day (Arik goes with me), that he'd be pretty tired. Which, I wasn't wrong. He slept most of the way, thankfully! Because it was smooth sailing - until it wasn't. Another 2 hours were added to the trip thanks to a snowstorm, icy roads, darkness, and a baby in the car. I don't recommend it. At that point, we were too far along to turn around, so I drove slowly and carefully. We did make it safe and sound.

Arik is 2 Months, on his first road trip

Our stay in Colorado was supposed to be just for a couple of nights, then we'd head back home after the weekend was over so I could go back to work. Well, that turned into about a week! This was Arik's first time in a hotel, and though his schedule was off. He did a pretty decent job. It was mostly me because I didn't have all the things I thought I needed! But, rather I wanted.

I'm a little spoiled at home, having all of the things to make life easier with a baby. Like a baby bathtub! Arik still got bath time while at the hotel, just not as relaxed or easy for Momma. We didn't have all of our books or toys to play with. We just had basics. Boring.

The point of the journey was to spend time with Daddy though, and we did get to do that when he wasn't at work. We did get to go outside, and overall it was a good experience.

I learned a couple of things though. I need to loosen up, even more, we could have had a lot more fun than we did. Instead, I was too worried about getting home because I needed to go to work. Too bad, I couldn't leave, I should have seen it for what it was and continued on. Second, I should pack more than I think I need for the trip! Because, we might get stuck for a while longer, and we need some more fun things! But, I don't need to pack the whole house, we can still get the essentials done without the modern niceties when we have to. And last, be thankful that I have the niceties at home, because they're helpful and worth it, and we've worked hard to be able to have them!

So if you take one thing away from this, it's this: pack more than you think you need! Of everything! Diapers, toys, wipes, etc.

Get outside, and have fun!

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