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Dog & Baby Prime Day Deals

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

July 12th & 13th 2022 Prime Days are here! The deals I'm focused on are both Dog and Baby related. You know my life by now! I hope you find these deals as awesome as I do!

Blink Camera set, these are good addition for watching your baby, but also to see what your furfriends are up to throughout the day while you're at work!

This camera has a 360 degree view AND can toss treats. This is especially helpful if you're training your pup not to get in the trash!

Poop bags, not fun, but necessary! This helps us all to stay healthy, but also can be great for teaching children responsibility. Picking up poop is not a fun task, but it's important. Just like pretty much all chores, and the sooner your child understands that the less complaining you'll hear. Also, the less you'll have to repeat yourself (which is important for dog language as well)!

Speaking of potty time, this positive reinforcement toilet is just what every parent needs. And the fact that it's on sale, makes it that much sweeter!

We love our pets, but the fur - not so much. I get it! I haven't tried it personally yet, but this device has great reviews and it it does what it says then it's a new must have!

Food containers are important for a variety of reasons.

  1. Toddlers can't get into them as easy as an open bag

  2. Dogs and Cats can't get into them as easy as an open bag haha

  3. Dogs and Cats can't break/chew the bag open

  4. Organization is beautiful!

  5. Food won't get stale like in an open bag

Baby gates. I always thought I wouldn't be the one to get these, and I'm already reconsidering that idea! I use them at my job to create barriers, and for safety reasons but at home? So I thought. Now, that Arik's personality is shining, I can already tell how busy of a boy he is going to be! These baby gates are in my future haha!

Dog stuff, baby stuff, and everything else? This hammock helps keep everything clean and organized in the back seat of your car!

While you're in the backseat, don't forget to add sunshades to the windows! Your kids can only move so much to get out of the sun while they're in their car seats, so be sure to help out as much as you can.

I love my carrier, I use it often and in place of a stroller. It's convenient when walking the dogs, and heading out for our little adventures. Arik loves looking and reaching out to touch all of the plants we pass by on our mini hikes and neighborhood walks.

Bugs are a no-no at my house, and K9 Advantix II has always been there for my dogs. I have experience hiking with my dogs, and found ticks on myself, but not my dogs! That's why I continue to use, and recommend this product.

A collapsible pool big enough for the dogs and the kids! That's a winner in my book, let them play, and then put the pool away so you don't have to worry about all the costs of having one out all year round.

Having fun in the pool, or bath time? Traditional toys are fun! But, if you are shorter on time but still want to do everything you can with the little one, grab one of these water proof books. Reading time, and bath time knocked out in one go!

Your little too small to get into the pool with the dogs? That's okay, they can hang out poolside in the shade having a grand old time!

Too small to be in the pool with the dogs, but still wanting to be crawling around? Here you go! These are also great if you have puppies that you don't quite trust with free range yet.

Do your kids love playing fetch with your dog? Then this toy will save their arms and your dog will enjoy the distance! Just make sure your children know not to use it all day, otherwise you might injure your dog if he's the type to go on forever. An extra amount of exercise daily, also can teach a dog that this is the norm and so when you want to "have a day off" (whatever that means!), then your dog will have an excess amount of energy and won't calm down easily - especially if this happens for multiple days in one week (for instance you and the kids get sick).

These treats are single ingredient, and come in a convenient bucket. The size of the treat on average is also great for little kids to give to dogs.

These treats are also single ingredient, and natural. They're also a great size for the littles to give to the dogs. The difference then? Flavor and smell. Yes, they stink more than the beef liver. This is funny to kids, and more enticing for dogs!

Personally, I love my portable high chair. I pack it up in the car, and am ready to roll. It was useful for my trip to Oregon for instance. I was able to set Arik up, and let my Grandma feed him without any trouble.

When setting Arik up in his high chair, I always give him a sippy cup. This in theory will help when I wean him off of his bottle, and get used to using one. Though these aren't the ones we currently use (he's too young for this style (these are the ones we are currently using), they're cute and have good reviews!

If you're on my page, I'm sure you know why you need these! These particular ones are cute too! At my house, we have designated spots for each pacifier that way we always know where they are. Then we also have a back up set just in the kitchen, just in case!

Everything on this list will help make your life easier, funner, and safer. Get outside and enjoy what Mother Earth has to offer!

Every day is a great day for an adventure.


* To see more pet related recommendations you can check it out here on my dog only website.

* There are links above, that are affiliate links. It does not cost you anymore to purchase through these links, but Amazon does share a bit with me. I appreciate you!

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