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25 Dog Memes That Will Make You Laugh!

Dogs are definitely a universal love language, it's an unconditional love like you have for your human child. So, when people send me memes or I see them while scrolling through the internet world I always stop and look. That short moment of time brings a smile to my face or a brilliant lol moment! So, I wanted to share twenty five dog memes with you to hopefully bring you that same positive energy they gave me!

So let's get this started, to bring a smile to your face!

Get comfortable on the couch!

Grab a friend,

grab some snacks,

and turn on a movie!

Maybe you had good intentions of not letting the dog on the couch, but let's be real that cuddle buddy is priceless!


Gotta get your attention somehow, right? :p

I feel called out!


C'mon guys! Work on your angles!

You tell her! Good boys for the win!

Of course he does <3

So cute! Kita also "waits in line" for when she's thirsty and the cats are drinking first.

Best to be a single dog home!


We all know someone who is extra excited to go outside!

Damn straight!


We all need a little RNR sometimes!


Always! Perfect correction done by this Cavalier

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